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I'm sure you've heard about how lucrative PPV marketing can be. The reason it works so good for so many people is because the traffic is so cheap. Where else can you get targeted visitors to your website for a .01 each? Nowhere! The best part with PPV is you can direct link many offers. No more building landing pages!

Just for fun lets compare PPV traffic to PPC traffic. If you get 1000 visitors to your website using PPV traffic at .01 each that's only $10. Many offers that payout about $4 convert at about 2%. So for example, you would earn $80. So $80 - $10 for the traffic and your left with a profit of $70!

With PPC traffic your lucky to get traffic for less than .50 per visitor. It's also very hard to direct link to offers. So those same 1000 visitors would cost you approx. $500! Well, if the offer converted at 2% you would only make $80 back. That's a loss of $420! It's obvious why so many more people are having success with PPV advertising.

If your looking to learn PPV then the PPV Playbook Coaching Forum is exactly what your looking for. PPV Playbook is very helpful whether your a complete newbie or even if you have some experience. It covers the basics all the way to dynamic landing pages and pre-populating forms.

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Here is a list of things that the lessons show you how to do.

  • Find out what PPV networks work the best
  • How to build PPV landing pages
  • Video lessons on how to setup your campaigns
  • How to properly setup your tracking for PPV
  • View step by step case studies
  • Find out what offers work the best

Why PPV Playbook?

The PPV Playbook forum is a very helpful place. Anytime you are stuck on how to figure something out there is always a helpful member giving you tips and advice on how to make your campaign profitable.

Many of the lessons are video lessons. I really like this because I find it much easier to watch how something is done vs read about how to do something.

You also get full access to everything right away. There is no months to unlock like some "other" PPV coaching sites. PPV Playbook is the real deal. The forum also includes training on how to advertise using PPC and Facebook.

When your a member of PPV Playbook you also get full access to the Affportal tools! These tools are awesome. There is even a landing page builder specifically for PPV. This makes launching your campaigns very quick and easy.

My favorite thing about PPV Playbook is the case studies. These case studies go through step by step on exactly how to properly setup your campaigns. It really doesn't get much better than that. Being able to watch over a successful marketers shoulder as he builds campaigns is very helpful.
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